Drones make elevated imagery affordable

Drone photography and aerial photography have become more and more popular as photographers continue to discover the multiple advantages of shooting from the sky.

The simple advantage of drone photography is that you are able to get your camera higher in the sky for better perspectives. So many times, photographers wish there was a way to get a higher perspective to shoot a landscape.

Higher perspectives make landscapes look longer and larger than they actually are. It’s a great way to create better looking landscape photographs.

The ability to shoot higher perspectives with drones is also a great way to shoot landscapes that don’t have foreground elements. If there isn’t a foreground element to include in a landscape photo, don’t force one. Just try to get to a higher elevation to show how large the landscape is.

With so many technological advancements in photography, it’s no wonder why drone photography has increased in popularity. So, if you’re not on board yet, why should you be interested in drone photography?

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Aerial videography provides a fresh new perspective on your visual requirements. Whether you need a cinematic look showcasing an event or simply need to obtain visuals of the progress on a construction site or an industrial inspection. Elevated footage reveals details which was previously very difficult to obtain, within a budget. Drone footage is shot in FULL HD providing the most stable, high quality footage tailored to your needs.


It’s all about time and quality ! Our drones are equipped with on-board camera’s capable of shooting high-res 20MP stills. Each still is bracketed which means we have a choice of 5 stills per click to choose from providing you with the best possible image of the subject. Images are also generated from video frames which means we have an unlimited amount of photo’s to work from. Images go through a post-production workflow where a photo is colour corrected and styled to suite your needs.


Post-production is an integral part of the film-making process. We follow a strict workflow performing state of the art colour-correction and grading using the latest software. We spend a great deal of time perfecting edits, adding music or audio, titles or narratives resulting in a complete audio-visual multimedia experience.


Special effects, titles and lower thirds provide the finishing touch to any good edit. We create intro’s ranging from high quality 3D special effects to simplistic animations as an introduction to your marketing or personal content. Video transitions, audio and any media enrichment techniques are added in post-production providing you with a “one-stop” solution from shoot to product.

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